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Living overseas and looking for Wedding Planner in Israel?
Bebke productions strives to become an industry leader in destinations wedding in Israel.
working with couples from all over the globe,
we will make sure that not only will your wedding day be perfect,
but more important that it will be a beautiful journey for you and your couple.

Just like there are no two identical stories,
each and every BEBKE wedding is one of a kind.
We compose the elements of your love story for you, word by word In a perfect harmony.
and build a once in a life time experience for your guests so they will truly feel that this wedding is yours.


About Bebke
We have grouped a wonderful “guild” around us, banding together the best service people available: chefs, stylists, graphic designers, musical editors, amplification and sound professionals, and more. Together with them we add detail to detail, creating the experience which tells your story. They are all there together with us, with the aim of succeeding in putting across the idea, floating with us on the waves of imagination to produce your story.

Couples tell us…

Uri and Michal
"Our beautiful Babkes! Words cannot describe how much talent, love, soul and emotional intelligence you put into our special day. We were privileged to use the service of super- producers."
Galia and Eli
"They planned an AMAZING wedding for us! The most original and unique event you can ask for, but also very elegant and at the highest standard! The décor, the details and the hosting of our guests- everything was perfect!..."
Anonymous event coordinator that published a recommendation at the
"I was catered for a wedding that Bebke produced and designed… it took place in the yard of a Villa in an Israeli village - it was so lovely. It was clear that they knew their job well."
Yael and Oren
"The wedding décor was amazing. She completely understood my taste. Everybody couldn’t stop complimenting the wedding and saying how magical and beautiful it was. In conclusion, I warmly recommend her services!..."
Ortal and Daniel
", it was an amazing journey that came to an end at the great ceremony. After meeting with several wedding production companies I warmly recommend Bebke..."
Yael and Ron
"5. The wedding was amazing, just as we had hoped. A kind of warm Balkan celebration, mixed with a clean and minimalistic touch. Starting with the location and ending with the last of napkins - we loved everything, especially the finishings and little details that excited everyone..."

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