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A one-day event is a complex project that requires months of preparation. For the event to succeed, it needs to be professionally managed. Experienced suppliers and highly service-oriented service providers need to be carefully selected. Assembling your event is a delicate process that includes many details that need to be woven together. The Bebke staff is involved in each stage and every detail, and oversees this complex process, in order to create a boutique event of the highest standard.


To put together an event and manage it properly, you need a professional team that works quickly, skillfully, and effectively. Bebke has a dedicated staff that can meet deadlines and accomplish tasks, ensuring that everything will be ready in time. They are the first to arrive and the last to leave, and they guarantee that the event that you had planned and dreamed of is the event that will occur.


At Bebke, we tell the story of your wedding through its flavors, by building a personal menu tailored to your event. We transmit the experience through flavors that become infused into the overall event. By building a diverse, tasty, fresh, and colorful meal for your guests, so that, through its flavors, they can connect guests to the story of the wedding. Bebke’s culinary staff consults on and creates your menu along with you. They are familiar with the culinary world, and introduce flavors from different places and gastronomical traditions, which go hand in hand with how you dream your wedding to be, and with the story that you wish to transmit. The staff is familiar with the best products on the market, and knows how to assemble a team of kitchen staff that best suits your event.


A good meal always ends off with dessert. At Bebke, we believe that each person needs to have a particular specialty. We chose the boutique desserts of pastry chef Eyal Trommer, who, by selecting only the best ingredients, and drawing on years of experience and his unique talent, produces succulent and unforgettable desserts for your guests.


Music is an indispensable step on the way to a successful event. It creates the atmosphere, inspires emotions, invigorates your guests, and tells your story. Bebke’s musical editors put together a musical lineup, advise you on what music to use, and specialize in blending the music into your event, making it an integral part of the overall experience that you want for your guests.


Bebke design the graphic language of the wedding. Every couple receives their own branding which represents them and the story that they would like to tell. This is how you can give the event your personal touch. The guests initially encounter the branding in the wedding invitation itself and already begin to experience the story, even before they come to the event. Event branding gives the occasion a personal touch. The couple integrates the branding into all sorts of unexpected places in the wedding story. For example: banners, notes, printing on fabric, and more. The branding creates an accompaniment and an atmosphere to the event and fills the space. We believe that quality is reflected in the small details that create a complete experience.


Each event is created with the help of the details which are relevant to it - with the right colors which are specially selected, flowers, fabrics and materials that produce the special story which has been tailor made for the occasion. The design is authentic and relates to the wedding theme, the language, the period in time and to your magical moment.

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